VMware Mobile Monitoring


If you want to quickly check on your virtual infrastructure and you’re not next to your PC/Laptop, what do you do.?

Well, VMware have released a tool that will allow you to monitor you hosts and guests.


watchlistVMware Mobile Watchlist

(Description taken directly from Google Play Store)

vSphere Mobile Watchlist enables secure vSphere infrastructure monitoring and remediation directly from your smartphone. With Watchlist, VMware administrators will be able to log in to a vCenter Server or ESXi host directly and choose virtual machines and hosts from inventory to create targeted views of objects and their properties. Remediate directly from the device with power and management operations, and delegation of tasks to onsite colleagues with linked relevant Knowledge Base (KB) articles.vSphere Mobile Watchlist brings the following key capabilities to vSphere administrators on the go:

    Search for and select a subset of VMs and hosts from your VMware vCenter Server and/or ESXi inventory to monitor in one or multiple watchlists.
    Review the status of selected Watchlist VMs and hosts from your device including state, configuration details, resource usage, health alerts, view of the VM console, and related objects.
    Alerts are linked to pertinent diagnostic information from the VMware Knowledge Base, as well as articles from the Web.
    Remediate problems directly from the device by powering on/off, resuming/suspending, connecting/disconnecting, or restarting VMs and/or hosts — or for situations where on-site remediation is required, share alert(s) along with recommended solutions in an email to team members back at the datacenter.

vSphere Mobile Watchlist is compatible with Android 4+.


Screen Shots

Below are some screen shots of my setup, showing my three hosts a a few of my running VMs…

Login Screen   Main Watchlist Screen (List View)   Main Watchlist Screen (Grid View)   ESX1 - Overview   ESX1 - Command Options   ESX1 - Task List



You can download and install it from the Google Play Store using the link below…




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  1. rehan says:

    i have android jelly beans 4.1.2 but google play is saying this vsphere client is not compatible with your mobile.

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