Server Application Matrix


Please Note: This is an old application I wrote in 2011.  It is no longer updated or supported.

This tool allows you to view exactly which applications are published on which servers within your Citrix Metaframe/Presentation Server/XenApp farm. Applications are shown in tree format as shown in the management console, and servers can be shown either alphabetically or grouped in their zones

Applications can also be published or unpublished from the farm with a simple click of the mouse – as long as editing is enabled first.
It should work with all versions of Citrix Presentation Server and XenApp prior to XenApp 6.

Please note, this will only shown what’s published, not installed.



Most Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers should already have the required files installed by default. However, if this is not the case, the following links will help you download and install the pre-requisites…



  1. Download the ZIP file below and extract the file onto one of your Citrix farm servers or a network share,
  2. From one of your Presentation/XenApp servers, execute the extracted file,
  3. The following window will appear, with the current server name already filled in…


  1. Click the Build Matrix button and wait.
    Depending on the size of your farm, this could take a while. A progress counter will inform you of its status.
    Once complete, the window will change, and once resized it should show you something that looks like this…




You can also filter the list or applications and servers that are shown…



There are also a couple of options too…




If you are interested in this tool, please download it from the link below…


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