Intel NUC As A ESXi Host (part 8)


We are all done, ESXi has been installed and is ready for you to create as many virtual machines as the little NUC powerhouse can handle.


Table Of Contents

This will be a multi-part post, as it covers a lot of topics…

  1. NUC Specs, and build information,
  2. Building a custom ESX image that includes drivers for the NUC’s network card and SSD,
  3. DHCP, PXE booting and automatic installation scripts,
  4. Synology configuration for VMware datastores,
  5. Networking, VLANs and getting it to work,
  6. Installing ESXi
  7. Any other configuration,
  8. Final (random) thoughts.


Final (random) thoughts

If you have more than one NUC, and want to setup a vCenter server to learn about clustering, I suggest you follow the amazing blog series by Derek Seaman here.  It has a huge amount of information on installing every single aspect of vCenter in such depth that even novices can follow.


If you are into scripting, and want to learn how to script your way around ESXi and vCenter, check out William Lam’s excellent blog.

3 thoughts on “Intel NUC As A ESXi Host (part 8)

  1. Kody says:

    Thanks for your write up, I saw you post your blog in a comment on r/homelab. Love the lil nucs.

  2. inez says:

    Hello.. This is a good Intel NUC.. and Good Article, as I also looking for this product. However, I want to ask whether the offering price from

    Is good enough or not ? please kindly advice me, Thank You..

    • Mike says:

      I can’t really comment on prices, they change so often and other factors including market value and exchange rates vary. All I can suggest is compare with various other retailers in your country.

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