Intel NUC As A ESXi Host (part 5)


Networking is an essential part of setting up your homelab.  Unfortunately, the NUCs only have one network card.  We can get around this limitation though with the use of VLANs.


Table Of Contents

This will be a multi-part post, as it covers a lot of topics…

  1. NUC Specs, and build information,
  2. Building a custom ESX image that includes drivers for the NUC’s network card and SSD,
  3. DHCP, PXE booting and automatic installation scripts,
  4. Synology configuration for VMware datastores,
  5. Networking, VLANs and getting it to work,
  6. Installing ESXi
  7. Any other configuration,
  8. Final (random) thoughts.


Networking and VLANs

With the NUCs only having one network card, things can get a little tricky, especially since I wanted separate live and private networks.  However, it can be done, and it works well enough for me and in a home lab environment.  One network card should never be used in a production environment.

My automatic configuration script creates the networks for me, however the basic layout is as below…

VMware Networking

My Private network is using the VLAN 42, my Live network has no VLAN.  The Management Network is on the IP address we gave to the NUC earlier in Part 3.  Check out the configuration script if you want your own settings.

2 thoughts on “Intel NUC As A ESXi Host (part 5)

  1. Kris Stamperson says:

    I want to setup a similar home lab and networking. can you detail how exactly you have the hp switch and Nucs configured and vlan setup in both esxi and hp switch?

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